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Glasgow’s Emergency Plumbers

Operating a rapid response emergency service

Plumbing emergencies are some of the most distressing and inconvenient emergencies in the home, second only to fire. Water, escaping either from burst pipes, leaking fittings or broken taps can cause serious damage to walls, floors, ceilings and furniture & fittings if they are not contained quickly and effectively. At Scotia Facilities Management, we pride ourselves on operating a rapid response emergency service, aimed at getting you an emergency plumber on site in the shortest time possible. Our average response time is currently around 1-2 hours, although in the case of emergencies, we are often at your property in a much quicker response time. Our emergency plumber will professionally assess the situation and administer an efficient, reliable solution which will fix the problem at hand.

Hiring a Professional Emergency Plumber

Identifying problems and carrying out permanent repairs

At Scotia Facilities Management, all of our emergency plumbers isolate your plumbing problem, identify the necessary course of action and carry out a permanent repair to resolve the issue. Our multi-trade status also allows us to offer a complete ‘Total Repair’ service, including detailed quotations for your insurance company. We can completely restore your home to its previous condition following any flood or water escape damage. It is safe to say when you are in dire need of an emergency plumber, Scotia Facilities Management have the right solution for you. Our aim is to get your plumbing issue rectified as quickly as possible once on site. Our plumbers handle all emergency situations professionally and calmly to ensure your home is restored to its previously welcoming and habitable condition.

Scotia Facilities Management

Tackling all Plumbing Emergencies

Work guaranteed to a professional standard

We appreciate that not every job is an emergency, and for a larger job, you may well wish a quotation before we proceed with any work. That is why at Scotia Facilities Management, we offer both an emergency plumber service on an hourly rate basis, as well as a free quotation service for larger or more complex jobs. Whatever the job, whether it is a simple tap insert to be renewed or a full bathroom to be re-piped, we guarantee to carry out the work professionally, to the highest standard and with the minimum disruption possible to your home. It is for this reason we are the go to company for plumbing emergencies. Additionally, all of our work is fully guaranteed so if it is a qualified, experienced emergency plumber you need, call us now.

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